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I'm on mac, but it said that it couldn't figure out the producer and check for malware. I'm so sad. Wish I could play. Let me know if you fix this plz! :

Hi, we saw that there were some bugs regarding the Mac version, you can try downloading the demo from Steam, maybe that will fix it :)


Thx so much!

very cool



wait if its the demo will there be a full release on itch?? for free? 😭🥲


played the demo and it was great! already wishlisted on steam. Great controls, great soundtrack, nice inventory and beautiful animations and graphics! Definitaly gonna buy this!

Thanks, we're glad you liked the demo :D


Las puertas parecen decoración y he tardado un poco en darme cuenta de que se podía interactuar con ellas, podéis ponerle un brilito o algo :). También es un poco abrumador el que haya tantos controles, por ejemplo, no entiendo por qué no usáis la e para interactuar y abrir barriles y son dos botones distintos (o y e). Por lo demás esl juego es muy bonito y la jugabilidad y diseño de enemigos muy chula.


Me está pareciendo genial, aunque en el tutorial no aparecen los botones con los controles, sino que me aparecían todos en negro y tuve que ir averiguando y probando todos los movimientos "a ciegas". Por lo demás, está increíble, los movimientos muy fluidos y los gráficos son una pasada. Enhorabuena.

Una cosa que me ha dejado muy loco es que la música tenga partes de la melodía del himno de España... WTF? Jajaja.

Gracias, nos alegra que te haya gustado el demo, ¿podrías decirnos cuál es el modelo del Gamepad que usaste? para poder agregarle soporte en la versión final del juego :)


Really enjoyed the demo, when're you hoping for a release, and what platform/market?


Hi, at the moment we don't have a release date, it will be available for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and we hope also for consoles.


Really awesome game!  Love the story, art, music, and combat.

I have this weird bug where on the menu, it treats letting go of a button the same as pushing it, so if I press and let go the Right Bumper for example, it moves two tabs.  I have to hold to stay on the first tab.  Same goes for upgrading weapons with the A button.

Also, for those of us with PS controllers, it would be helpful to have button icons for those.

Xbox -> PS4 Controller:

  • X -> Square
  • Y -> Triangle
  • B -> Circle
  • A -> X
  • Pause Menu -> Options
  • Items Menu -> Share

D-Pad, Analog Sticks, and Bumpers and Triggers are fine.

The combat is really fun!  Though I am a bit thrown off by the fact I can walk past enemies, and if I try to attack them while I do, I miss.

I feel that the jumping is super fast (responsive but very sensitive), so I feel like if I am not careful I can overshoot.  Not a huge fan of the spike instadeaths, though I get that it's part of the challenge.

Looking forward to the full release!


Hi, we are glad that you liked the demo.

Thanks for reporting the bugs in the menus, for the final version of the game we have added new icons for the different controls (Xbox, Playstation, etc).


Good game! I liked the 'fluidity' of the combat, if that makes sense...

Style is awesome! Keep that up. Also, I liked the very in depth tutorial.

For me, I didn't really see a point in dodging too much, I mostly used the shield.

Overall, definitely looking forward for the complete game! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, we are glad you liked the demo, it means a lot to us :)


A great game. Loved the art and the retro style. The combat is realy good once you get the hang of it. The music is just incredible. I would not change a thing. Waiting for the full release!

Thank you, we are glad you liked the demo :D

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It needs some polish here and there mechanic-wise, but it has a lot of potential. Nevertheless, the art and music are incredible!


Shows potential, I really like the visuals, the controls are already pretty tight. I don't trust that old man though, he's not telling Cormac something... 


I really liked the game so much also like the art it's amazing good job guys I really want to play the full release :)


Thank you very much, we are glad you liked the game :D

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Amazing game but it can be to hard for me at times otherwise awesome game and I cant wait for the full realease


This game is really nice! Graphics and music are absolutely awesome, but I have a slight problem with fighting. Maybe it's just my poor gaming skills, but I think weapons inflict too little damage. Also I didn't really feel need to use hammer. The difference in damage didn't compensate much slower attacks. I know it is only a demo version now, but maybe you will find it helpful. Anyway, it was fun, and I love the artwork!

Thanks for testing the pre-demo, yes, some users also told us that it was quite difficult for them to fight, so we are going to better balance player damage and enemy damage to improve combat system, by the way, no forget to use both the shield and the evasion function, since they are essential in combat :)


Knight of Exile is a great platformer with great animations. I really enjoy the shield animation! It is very enjoyable to play!


Hey! I just finished playing the demo, very cool! But I would recommend trying to simplify the controls a bit. The game didn't recognise my controller (not your fault, happens all the time since its a knock off haha) so i had to use the keyboard, but I'll admit, had sometrouble with so many buttons haha. I believe you might be able to reduce some by binding some actions to the same button but having to holding it in or stuff like that, just a suggestion haha. Oh, also, this might be just down to preference, but I pretty much softlock myself after getting the sewer key with almost no health, so I always respawned when the ambush started. Maybe moving the checkpoint to the door before that can be slightly more fair to the player. 

But besides that, very good and fun game, loved it! Hope to see more!

Thank you, we are glad you liked it. It is true with the keyboard it is more difficult to play it, it is recommended to use a gamepad :)

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How to run on mac? It doesn't opening properly, as I know better to use ZIP file for mac builds

Hi, we have already changed to zip, check if it works now :)

Thanks! Now it works by running from the termial, but there is one very strange bug 

So when you are facing right, the black box behind you appears


Totally I really enjoyed! Very very good job! Actually I had one close bug in unity, make sure you are using color depression for the sprite wright)

Hi, other users also informed us of errors in the Mac version, we have uploaded a new version that would have to solve those problems :)

Ok thanks


Enjoyed this alot, really good game. :)


Thank you, we are glad you liked it :)